Comedes replacement filter set suitable for Levoit air purifier LV-PUR131

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    • Comedes replacement filter set: Item number: PT94115BU1
    • Suitable for Levoit air purifier LV-PUR131
    • Can be used instead of Levoit filter set LV-PUR131-RF
    • Filter Bundle consisting of activated carbon filter and HEPA filter.
    • Thanks to its structure, activated carbon is able to remove a large amount of small particles as well as odours and flavours from the room air.
    • HEPA filter elements are particularly effective in filtering house dust, pollen and mould spores.
    • In order for your air purifier to work reliably, regular replacement of the filters is necessary.
    • The Comedes activated carbon filter is a high-quality and affordable alternative to the original filter from Levoit.