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Air purifier against cigarette smoke & odors

Tobacco smoke in closed rooms not only smells unpleasant, but also harms health. In addition, the smoke can soak into furniture and walls, making extensive renovations necessary. With an air purifier, you can filter odorous substances emitted by cigarettes from the air. For this purpose, powerful filters are used, which are made of activated carbon. These filters can absorb volatile compounds from the air and eliminate annoying odors. Learn more about how you can improve indoor air with air purifiers below.

Learn more about these topics here:

  1. Neutralizing Cigarette Smoke
  2. Why is an air purifier useful against cigarette smoke?
  3. The benefits of air purifiers in the fight against cigarette smoke
  4. Which filters help against smoke?
  5. How many cigarettes can an air purifier filter before the filters need to be replaced?
  6. Who needs an air purifier against cigarette smoke?
    1. children and air purifiers
    2. commercial air purifiers
  7. Ionizers for smoke removal
  8. What to look for when buying an air purifier?

Neutralize cigarette smoke

To remove tobacco smoke from enclosed spaces, modern air purifiers are the first choice. There are powerful models for every room size. The devices can minimize odor pollution and health hazards caused by secondhand smoke. The air filters help combat cold smoke and reduce odor pollution from cigarettes. The released smoke has less opportunity to settle in furniture, wallpaper or curtains. Instead, clean and neutral ambient air is produced.

Why is an air purifier against cigarette smoke useful?

With modern air filters, you can reduce the pollution of interiors by cigarette smoke. This smoke contains many pollutants that are inhaled not only by the smoker himself, but by everyone in the vicinity. This is especially a burden for children and allergy sufferers. Modern air filters can remove most of the smoke from the air and limit the effects of passive smoking. This is particularly beneficial for rooms that are difficult to ventilate. Nicotine and other toxic substances settle in the furniture, walls and curtains over time. Thus, they endanger people and pets even when people are not smoking. This deposition of suspended matter can be prevented by modern air filters. This also protects the furnishings and the fabric of the building. But air purification devices can do even more. They also help against pollen, pet dander, house dust, mold and bacteria. With a HEPA filter, they can filter out everything from the room air that could trigger allergies.

The advantages of air purifiers in the fight against cigarette smoke

A modern air purifier has a powerful particle filter that can absorb and bind smoke and other pollutants from the air. For this purpose, the smoke filters contain a high proportion of activated carbon and ceramic filter elements. This combination is particularly effective against the harmful and odorous cigarette smoke components such as formaldehyde. The special filters last, depending on the intensity of the odor, several weeks to assembly.

What filters help against smoke?

To be able to filter tobacco smoke from the air, you need a combination of HEPA filter and particle filter with high content of activated carbon. You can choose between single and combination filters.

Single filter

A single filter is used for occasional smoke. Mainly it helps against allergens such as house dust, animal hair and pollen. In devices with multiple filters, you can change the single filter against smoke pollution separately. This will extend the life of the other filters.


A combifilter should be used in rooms where people smoke regularly. This type of filter is particularly adapted to cigarette smoke in its composition. For this purpose, it combines activated carbon with ceramic filter elements. The combi-filter is durable and wears out evenly. It achieves high efficiency in smoke filtration.

How many cigarettes can an air purifier filter before the filters need to be replaced?

An air purifier can filter between 500 and 3000 cigarettes with a filter insert before the filter needs to be replaced. It is important that the filters are changed in time with tobacco smoke otherwise they can break through and the escaping nicotine resin damages the air purifier so can be damaged, for example, motor bearings or even sensors and electronics of the device.

Max. Number of cigarettes per filter set (room size about 40m ², temperature about 23 ° C)


Which air purifier do I need?

If you want to buy an air purifier, it is important to determine the nature of the problem: Depending on the focus, different devices can be considered. Do you have a problem with pollen? Do you want to reduce the likelihood of contagions? Or are you bothered by smoke or cooking odors in the home? You can find an overview of our devices and the application scenarios here:


Our Products

Air cleaner Number of cigarettes approx.* Number of cigars approx.*
Lavaero 150 eco 500 280

*¹ Experience values with Comedes filter inserts for the respective models

Lavaero 280 (standard filter) 1000 600
Lavaero 280 (Allergy filter) 1500 900
Lavaero 280 (smoker filter) 2000 1200
Lavaero 900 1800 1000
Lavaero 1000 2500 1400
Lavaero 1200 3000 1700
Philips AC2889 (with standard filter cartridge) 1500 900
Philips AC 2889 (with smoker filter set) 2000 1200
Philips AC2887 (with standard filter cartridge) 2000 900
Philips AC2887 (with smoker filter set) 2000 1200
Philips AC2882 (with standard filter set) 1500 900
Philips AC2882 (with smoker filter set) 2000 1200
Philips AC3829 (with standard filter set) 1500 900
Philips AC3829 (with smoker filter set) 2000 1200

Who needs an air purifier against cigarette smoke?

Modern air purifiers are available for any room size as well as for various applications. Private use is highly recommended for households with smokers. In addition to regular ventilation of the rooms, the efficient filters ensure that the smoke quickly disappears from the air in the room. Especially for allergy sufferers, this improvement of the indoor climate is important.

Children and Air Cleaners

For private use, the devices must be placed so that they do not pose a danger to children and pets. Some devices offer extra protection for this purpose, such as the Comedes Lavaero 1000, which switches off automatically if, for example, it is knocked over by a child


Commercial air purifiers

Commercial use in hotels or restaurants is also a good option. With the air purifiers can effectively reduce the pollution and odor in smoking areas. For this purpose, Comedes offers the models Lavaero 1200 and Lavaero 1000. These are suitable for smaller smoking areas up to approx. 25m². Larger smoking areas require planning by a specialist company.

Ionizers for smoke removal

Comedes does not offer pure ionizers. They are not suitable for the removal of cigarette smoke, because they only cluster the components of the smoke, creating larger particles. Strong ionizers have a strong odor eliminating effect, but this is harmful to health because a large amount of ozone is needed for this purpose. Therefore, we do not recommend using ionizers for smoke removal.

What to look for when buying an air purifier?

Whoever wants to purchase a modern air filtration device that helps against indoor tobacco smoke should consider the following:

  • Pick a model that is suitable for the size of the apartment or room and the particular smoke load. The larger the room the more powerful the unit needs to be. However, you will need a powerful air purifier even for small rooms with heavy smoke pollution.
  • Prefer models with HEPA filters rather than ionizers.
  • The devices should be quiet in operation.
  • Control and change of filters should be easy and quick.
  • Put on devices equipped with activated carbon and ceramic filters. These models are specialized in smoke filtration.

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