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For a constructive and productive working atmosphere, air purifiers from Comedes can be used in a supportive manner. Here, these provide an acceleration of fresh air distribution during ventilation and ensure clean and safe air for you and your employees. This both increases productivity and counteracts absenteeism due to outbreaks of illness. Furthermore, indoor air filters reduce the concentration of allergens in the air, which promotes general well-being and can lead to higher levels of concentration.

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  3. Does the use of air purifiers alleviate symptoms of allergies?

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Which air purifier for office space?

Bei der Wahl des Luftreiniger sollten vor allem Geräte mit einer hohen CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) eingesetzt werden. Diese ermöglichen einen höheren Luftdurchsatz bei gleichzeitig geringerer Lärmbelästigung. Damit wird die Gefahr verringert, dass das Reinigungsgerät aus Lärmgründen öfter abgeschaltet wird. Die leistungsstärksten Geräte von Comedes haben eine CADR von 380m³/h (Lavaero 900), 488m³/h (Lavaero 1000) und 600m³/h (Lavaero 1200).

Can the use of air purifiers minimize the risk of infection?

The use of air purifiers can curb the spread of disease. To ensure effective prevention, a CADR that can circulate 6 times the room volume per hour is recommended. This can effectively reduce aerosols that carry germs, bacteria and viruses in the air.
Air purifiers can be equipped with various disinfecting systems.

Air purifiers do not replace ventilation

The best way to reduce indoor pollutants is to ventilate. It also ensures that there is enough oxygen in the air, which is essential for good concentration in the workplace. We recommend regular shock ventilation across the entire window area.

Does the use of air purifiers alleviate symptoms of allergies?

Allergies are an unpleasant thing. Their symptoms can greatly reduce concentration. Comedes room air filters can help with this problem. Their functions include allergen filtering, or the filtering of allergen-laden particles. Allergen-free air can help improve various allergy symptoms, such as itching, rhinitis, or irritated mucous membranes.

Generally, air purifiers can remove pollen from the air very reliably, these have a size between 10 and 100µm. When using air purifiers against pollen, it is important that the devices are in operation as permanently as possible.


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