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Air purifier for living room & bedroom

In private indoor spaces, we recommend devices that are effective and comfortable to use. The goal is to create a well-being atmosphere to make the time spent in one's own home as pleasant as possible.

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  1. What benefits do air purifiers offer in the home?
  2. Does a room air purifier help against allergies?
  3. What to do about unpleasant odors, e.g. from cigarettes or cooking?
  4. Which air purifier to use in the bedroom?

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What are the advantages of air purifiers in the home?

When we think of our own homes, we think of a retreat for ourselves and our loved ones, a place where we can relax and recharge our batteries. In fact, the air inside our homes is often two to five times more polluted than outside. This can not only have a negative impact on our mood, but in the worst case even negative consequences for health.

Air purifiers filter out of the air what doesn't belong in it

The sources of pollution are of different nature. A good air purifier will help to noticeably improve the air quality and, consequently, your quality of life.

The high-quality HEPA elements of the air filters of Comedes air purifiers can reliably filter particles such as pollen, house dust, fine dust or asbestos fibers from the room air. Frequently, such particles play a role in breathing problems, such as asthma.

In addition, the use of ionizers enhances the clustering of minute particles, which greatly simplifies their filtration. For this, Comedes relies on ionizers that work ozone-free and therefore do not endanger your health.

Does a room air purifier help against allergies?

The air filters from Comedes are also suitable for helping in the fight against allergy-triggering substances. A reduction of allergens and the pollen load in the air can sustainably relieve the symptoms of discomfort such as itching, rhinitis or irritated mucous membranes and thus lead to a carefree everyday life.

Generally, air purifiers can remove pollen very reliably from the air, these have a size between 10 and 100µm. When using air purifiers against pollen, it is important that the devices are in operation as permanently as possible, for example, even during the day in the bedroom. Due to their size, pollen otherwise quickly settles on furniture or beds and disturbs peaceful sleep. There is no point in switching on the air purifier just before going to bed. It is more sensible, in such a case, to switch on the device in the morning, let it run at a low level all day, set it to the highest level during ventilation and switch it off in the evening before going to bed.


The Lavaero 280 can optionally be equipped with a special allergy filter, which is specially designed to filter allergens and is thus extremely well suited to alleviate allergy problems. Alternatively, the Lavaero 150 eco, the Lavaero 900 as well as Lavaero 1200 offer effective combination filters, which cover a balanced field of application. The choice of devices for this should also be made depending on the room size.


What to do against unpleasant odors, e.g. from cigarettes or cooking?

A natural weapon against unpleasant (cooking) odors is, of course, ventilation. However, simply opening the windows is often not enough. Air purifiers additionally help by accelerating the distribution of fresh air in the room during ventilation.

Unpleasant odors

In principle, each of our air purifiers contains filters with activated carbon. This can effectively bind odors and chemical compounds. If the odor problem is strongly in focus, for example, the Lavaero 280 with 3-fold filter offers itself. Its activated carbon filter can be replaced separately, so that the best results can always be achieved in this area. The filter of the Lavaero 280 is equipped with a ceramic granulate, which can filter numerous compounds from the room air.

Good air despite smoking room

Cigarette smoke is basically composed of solid and gaseous components. The solid components are filtered by the HEPA elements of the air purifiers, while the gaseous components are bound by the activated carbon of the filters. In the case of high smoke pollution, the Lavaero 280 is the suitable choice. This has optionally a smoker special filter. Alternatively, the Lavaero 900 or Lavaero 1200 can also be used. These feature a strong combination filter.

Which air purifier for use in the bedroom?

In principle, all air purifiers can be used in the bedroom. Some devices, such as the Lavaero 150 eco, Lavaero 280, Lavaero 900 and Lavaero 1200 also have a Sleep mode. In this mode, the device operates at the lowest fan speed for minimal noise. Except for the Sleep indicator, all other light elements go out. If a runtime was set via the Timer before the start of the Sleep function, this setting remains and the device switches off after the time has elapsed.

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