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Room humidifier

When outdoor temperatures rise and warm air rushes into the home, moisture problems can arise. A musty smell, mildew stains and mold are the result. Even furniture can be affected by increased humidity. To prevent this, proper ventilation is usually not enough and a room dehumidifier becomes necessary.

Learn more about these topics here:

  1. What is the purpose of room dehumidifiers?
  2. Which dehumidifier for bedroom?
  3. Where should the dehumidifier be placed?
  4. Special case winter garden: Which room dehumidifier is suitable?

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Room dehumidifier

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What is the purpose of room dehumidifiers?

Room dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from the air and provide a pleasant indoor climate permanently. Especially in the living area - for example in the bedroom - the humidity should be kept at a constant level to prevent health problems and to protect the building fabric from mold and damage in the long term.

Which dehumidifier for the bedroom?

For use in the bedroom we recommend the Comedes-Demecto-10 dehumidifier, because it is compact and quiet running. Alternatively, you can also use the Comedes LTR-100-neo. Both devices have a timer function: so the room dehumidifier turns on in the morning and turns off again at a time you specify. Generally, it is advisable to run the dehumidifier in the bedroom during the day and turn it off at night.

Causes & Consequences of High Humidity

Sometimes it is difficult to achieve a comfortable climate with pleasant humidity. Humans release a lot of liquid to their environment at night through breathing as well as sweating. If the humidity remains elevated in the room for a longer period of time, walls, ceilings and furniture will reach their full saturation level.

In bedrooms with long-term increased humidity, walls, ceilings and furniture have at some point reached their full degree of saturation. There is then no longer a buffer effect.

For a room size of about 20 m² and a temperature of 19° C and 85 percent humidity, only about 0.7 liters of water are contained in the air. If two people sleep in this room, an additional approx. 1.2 liters of liquid are released into the room air in one night. The degree of saturation is then already exceeded and mold formation occurs due to condensation moisture.

How to dehumidify properly

The dehumidification of a room is divided into two phases. The first step is to achieve a basic dryness of the walls as well as the furniture. In this way, you increase the buffer effect of the walls, ceilings and furniture. In a further step, these should be preserved as long as possible.

Phase 1

Let the unit operate continuously during the day in the first phase. In this way, you will achieve that the walls and objects of the room release the moisture back into the air, thus restoring the buffer effect. After some time, the room will release noticeably less water into the air. In the case of the dehumidifier for the apartment, this is noticeable in that the amount of water collected in the tank is significantly reduced for a comparable running time.

Phase 2

In phase two, it is sufficient to let the room dehumidifier constantly maintain a desired humidity value during the day such as 55 percent RH at about 20° C. The dehumidifier can be set to operate automatically. Various devices are equipped with an automatic function that makes this possible.

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What to look for in room dehumidification:

  • The device should be placed as centrally as possible in the room.
  • Do not place dehumidifier for the home in a corner.
  • The air outlet should flow towards the center of the room.
  • If you want to dehumidify immediately several rooms, let the room dehumidifier first run in continuous operation room by room. Subsequently, place the device centrally in a hallway. In automatic mode, it should be operated in living rooms at 20 ° C with about 55 percent and in the basement at 15 to 18 ° C with about 65 percent.

More tips for reducing humidity in living spaces

  • For the bedroom, keep plants and pets out of here, as they produce extra moisture.
  • Do not use continuous tilt ventilation in warm temperatures in the summer. Better is regular shock ventilation.
  • In winter, you should heat sufficiently, so that a basic temperature of at least 19 ° C in the rooms. The accumulated moisture can then simply ventilate out.
  • Avoid drying the laundry in closed rooms.

Special case winter garden: Which room dehumidifier is suitable?

Misted windows and problems with mold in the winter garden are not uncommon. Causes are usually poor insulation, cold bridges, but also plants.

In autumn, the same game is always repeated: balcony plants and non frost-resistant plants must be brought into the living space, so that the darlings survive the winter. The increased number of plants also leads to higher humidity in the apartment or conservatory.

Even with year-round plants it can become problematic, since they evaporate - depending on the size - a considerable amount of water. This can cause problems with condensation moisture.

Due to the high performance requirements in the winter garden we recommend the Comedes Demecto 70 dehumidifier. He brings enough power with him to master even demanding dehumidification tasks.


Important to know

If the glass is poorly insulated, the room dehumidifier cannot prevent the fogged windows, but it can ensure that the walls do not draw moisture and form mold. If there are plants, aquariums or the like in the conservatory, you should not be stingy with the capacity of the room dehumidifier.

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