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Klarstein Ersatzfilter bei uns im Online Shop erhaeltlich

For you to feel really comfortable and relaxed at home or even in the office, healthy indoor air is essential. However, dust, allergens and other substances disturb the climate balance - but you do not have to put up with that! Air purifiers from Klarstein filter the room air so that you can fully concentrate on your everyday life, free from unsightly particles and odors. It is important that you change the filters regularly to maintain the functionality of the devices. Clearstone replacement filters are available from Comedes. How often you need to change them depends on your exposure to pollen and other substances, as well as the length of time you use the cleaner and its air performance. Be sure to replace the filters in time to keep your clean indoor air free from pollutants, viruses and aerosols! This will keep the indoor climate in your home or even at work wonderfully fresh and clean - and you concentrated and relaxed.

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  1. Which Klarstein replacement filters are available?
  2. When to replace the filter in Klarstein air purifiers?
  3. Why should the filter in a Klarstein air purifier be replaced even though the filter change is not yet indicated?
  4. How do I find the right replacement filter for my Klarstein air purifier?
  5. Klarstein filters: overview

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What Klarstein replacement filters are available?

The filter change you make with the Klarstein air purifiers quite uncomplicated - and can really save by relying on the equally high-quality replacement filters from Comedes. We offer suitable models for the common Klarstein devices:

Comedes combi filter for Klarstein air purifier Vita Pure

The Klarstein Vita Pure air purifier relies on combi filters consisting of HEPA, activated carbon and TiO2 elements each. The three different filter layers eliminate not only coarse dust particles, but much more at once: lung-disturbing fine dust and smoke particles, allergens such as pollen, mite eggs and residues, and even viruses and bacteria. Enjoy absolutely clean room air with the high-quality Klarstein replacement filter from Comedes for the Vita Pure, in which you can work, relax, cook and exercise - without fear of inhaling unwanted particles, or being bothered by unpleasant odors!

Comedes replacement filter for Klarstein air purifier Vita Pure 2G

Whether individually or in a practical stock set, the Klarstein replacement filters from Comedes for the Vita Pure 2G naturally have all the usual features and best quality. They do their job just as well as the original replacement filters. Reliably remove the HEPA models the dirt from the air: Even the finest dirt particles such as soot, pollen, allergens and fine dust have no chance! Allergy sufferers can finally breathe easy again. In the twinkling of an eye, you have removed the old filter from the Vita Pure 2G and inserted your new Klarstein replacement filter.

Comedes HEPA filter for Klarstein Tramontana air purifier

Of course, at Comedes you can also get replacement filters for the Tramontana models from Klarstein. We offer you in two variants, including on the one hand as HEPA filter. The fiber filter is perfect for allergy sufferers, as it reliably binds particles of tiny size from the air - so they do not get into your lungs or bloodstream. Our HEPA clear stone replacement filter for Tramontana works in two ways: by means of mechanical filtration and adhesion. Thus, it takes care of pollen, house dust, spores and similar pollutants. You also easily replace these filters!

Comedes activated carbon filter for Klarstein Tramontana air purifier

You can also rely on activated carbon filters for your Tramontana air purifier. This type of filtration shines especially in terms of bad odors and a wide variety of chemical compounds, which it reliably eradicates from the room air. Granulated activated carbon sits in the honeycomb filter. Qualitatively, our Klarstein replacement filters easily measure up to the original filters - save money and enjoy long-lasting, high-quality products from Comedes that perfectly match your brand-name appliance!

When to replace the filter in Klarstein air purifiers?

This depends on how polluted the ambient air in your apartment or house is and which Klarstein air purifier you use. If in doubt, take a look at the operating instructions. Comedes recommends changing it after nine months at the latest. If you want to be on the safe side, because your air is particularly polluted or you are allergy sufferers, then you should better change the filters every six months. With the Vita Pure 2G, Klarstein also states that you already need a fresh replacement filter after half a year. Take your cue from the power light - if it flashes green, you need to change the filter. Also pay attention to how the filter looks: If it is already very dusty, then it definitely needs to be replaced, regardless of how long it has been in use.

Why should the filter of a Klarstein air purifier be changed although the filter change is not yet indicated?

Regular replacement with a Klarstein replacement filter ensures that your Klarstein air purifier works properly and keeps the room air free of pollutants. As a rule, captured viruses and bacteria die off in the filter due to the constant drafts - however, if you only use your device seasonally, the filter change indicator may not work reliably. Under layers of dust, places develop where the harmful organisms are protected and continue to live. Therefore, you should after at the latest nine months insert a new Klarstein filter, regardless of whether the power light flashes green or not.

How do I find the right replacement filter for my Klarstein air purifier?

The company Comedes offers suitable replacement filters for all three popular Klarstein air purifiers. Enter in the search bar either the type designation or the item number of your used device. Alternatively, take a look at the appropriate category for Klarstein replacement filters or the table below.