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In the Comedes online store you can also get dehumidifiers as B-goods (second hand). These are demonstration units, used dehumidifiers or those with minor visual defects that do not affect the function. Of course, the products are reconditioned and equipped with new, originally packed filter elements. All devices offered by Comedes are cleaned, tested and come with a twelve-month warranty. We ask for your understanding that we do not always have a suitable used unit in stock for every new unit. If you want to look elsewhere, we have a few tips for you here.

Buy dehumidifier used - a six-point checklist

defektes Gehäuse eines Philips Luftreiniger

1. Is the housing of the used construction dryer still intact?

Dents and broken housing parts can quickly pose a safety hazard. It is important that the housing is not broken. However, some damage is not a knockout criterion. For Comedes dehumidifiers, support is happy to help at 099336289925. Many housing parts can also be reordered online. When you buy a tested unit from Comedes, the structure of the housing is of course intact, regardless of whether the unit is new, refurbished, 2nd choice or used. In addition, we provide for the function of the device with a 12-month warranty.

defekte Elektronik eines Philips Luftreiniger

2. How can I identify faulty electronics of the construction dryer?

A look at the display of the dehumidifier helps. If the display repeatedly shows an E together with a number, this indicates with most manufacturers that, for example, the humidity sensor or the temperature sensor has a defect. On larger units, a fault may also indicate a refrigerant deficiency. You should not buy devices with a refrigerant deficiency. Comedes dehumidifiers are always shipped with perfect electronics and warranty.

Leistungsmessung bei einem Philips Raumentfeuchter

3. Does the used dehumidifier still have enough refrigerant? How can this be determined?

A cheap construction dehumidifier with a lack of refrigerant represents only a short joy. After a short time, there is no more cooling capacity and the device fails its service. As a layman, it is also difficult to determine whether the device still has enough refrigerant. Indicatively, you can measure the power consumption (W). To do this, measure the power consumption of the dehumidifier at about 20° ambient temperature. You would have to measure the power consumption after 10 minutes of running time (compressor is in operation). It should then be more than 35% of the rated power of the device.
. But ATTENTION: with some used construction dryers, the compressor only switches on after 5-10 minutes of running time. The power measurement must be taken about 10 minutes after the compressor turns on to get a valid result. The rule of thumb does not apply at lower than 20° either. In Comedes Warehouse Deals you can find tested used units as well as demonstration units.

4. was the dehumidifier properly used and maintained before?

Unfortunately, a construction dryer usually does not have a service booklet like a used car. The following points should be observed:

  1. Is the filter of the device cleaned?
  2. Is the evaporator of the unit clean (No dust on the fins)?
  3. Is the drip tray of the device clean?

5. is there an operating manual for the used dehumidifier?

Many room dehumidifiers today have controls with numerous setting options, e.g. for mold prevention in the Demecto series (Demecto 10 and Demecto 70). Without an operating manual, such energy-saving operating modes remain undiscovered. If you have purchased a used Comedes dehumidifier, you will find the operating instructions on the product detail page in our webshop.

6. spare parts supply for B-ware construction dryer

If you have purchased a B-ware construction dryer and, for example, a roller is missing, it can quickly become tricky to get the right spare part from some manufacturers. With devices from the Comedes Warehousedeals you can rely on the warranty. Should a part of the device break later, many parts can be ordered directly from our webshop. Also parts that are not so common, we usually have in stock. Please contact us for this at the email:

Buy Comedes dehumidifier refurbished - what are the advantages?

  1. 12 months warranty
  2. Unit cleaned, serviced and tested by manufacturer before shipment
  3. Supply of spare parts for your refurbished dehumidifier
  4. Telephone support at 09933 6289925 Mon.-Fri. from 09:00-16:00

Advantages and disadvantages of demonstration units, B-ware, "refurbished" in comparison with new goods at Comedes

New B-Ware Refurbished 2. Choice Demonstrator
Warranty 24 months 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months
Service Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dehumidifier cleaned New Yes Yes Yes Yes
Instructions included Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spare parts supply Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Flawless optics Yes ++ ++ ++ +++
Original packaging Yes No No No No
Abrasion** None little little little barely
* + Medium ++ Good +++ Very Good
**Heavily used dehumidifiers are no longer sold at Comedes

General information about B-goods

B-Ware dehumidifiers are fully functional. In terms of performance, they do not have any defects. The devices have all been thoroughly checked and cleaned, any discrepancies have been removed and new filters have been added, which are in their original packaging. Thus, you can be sure that you will receive a dehumidifier as B-goods, which will offer you everything that the device from the usual range can:

  • Measure humidity
  • Lower humidity
  • Remove cigarette smoke, dust and pathogens from the air
  • depending on the filter.

What is B-Ware?

Dehumidifiers that are declared as B-ware fall into the category of second-hand goods for various reasons - but not because of defects in terms of their functionality! Instead, they can be used dehumidifiers that dealers have unpacked for their customers for demonstration purposes or that the customer has returned because it was not the right device for him. But also a damaged original packaging results in the fact that the dehumidifier is listed as B-Ware.
Reasons for the classification "B-Ware" at a glance:

  • smaller defects: as-new demonstration units and exhibition items, damage to the original packaging, tiny optical defects or traces of use
  • No longer original packaging: returns or products that were out in the store
  • Remainder and special items: surplus ware
  • Serviceware: repaired and thus returned to like-new condition
  • Swap Stocks: products held for warranty exchange by the retailer that have expired

What are the advantages of refurbished dehumidifiers as B-Ware?

The first and for many also the most important advantage is the lower price. You get with a B-Ware dehumidifier a device that is significantly cheaper than the so-called A-ware, ie those from normal trade. At the same time, it works without any restrictions. It may show a few signs of use, but otherwise it is as good as new. A second advantage, which is becoming increasingly important, is sustainability. You give many years of use to a device that is in perfect working order. Thus, as B-Ware, the dehumidifier does not have to be disposed of unnecessarily before it was even really in use. This saves resources and energy. In this way, you show a sense of responsibility - for the world around you and for future generations. After all, isn't it the small steps that add up to great things?

FAQ - frequently asked questions about the dehumidifier and B-Ware

When is a dehumidifier useful?
. Wherever the humidity exceeds the 60% and mold and mites threaten. If heating and ventilation are not enough or not possible, a dehumidifier will help.
What brings a dehumidifier?
Dehumidifiers lower the amount of moisture in the air when it is necessary. Thus, they reduce the risk of mold growth and mite growth.
Where is the best place for a dehumidifier?
. It should stand freely and as centrally as possible, so that it can capture and dehumidify all the air in the room without obstruction.
What does B-Ware?
Dehumidifiers as B-Ware are refurbished pieces that are fully functional. Because they have minor optical defects or were already in use, they are no longer sold at full price.
Is B-Ware second-hand?
Not necessarily. Even a damaged original packaging or a model piece that has not been used, but was only on the store shelf, can be offered as B-Ware.