Side channel blower

The Comedes side channel blowers are suitable for drying insulation layers faster and non-destructively after water damage. The units are designed for rooms up to approx. 40m². The GRV 140 gas ring compressor can be installed as a replacement or can be used in other mobile insulation dryers. The turbines are NSK mounted and have a long service life. They are equipped with a bimetal in the winding, which protects the side channel compressor from overheating.
To dry the insulation, several holes are drilled to which the side channel compressor is connected. The device generates an air flow which flows through the insulation and dries it. In order to keep the room dry, it is recommended to install building dryers in the room.
Gas ring compressor GV140
Powerful gas ring compressor for E-coat drying and renovation. It can be used wherever negative or positive pressure is required. The GV140 is equipped with high quality NSK bearings and has a suction and discharge sound insulation.
199,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Side channel compressor SKV 40
The SKV is a side channel blower which, according to its performance data, is ideally suited for water damage and screed restoration.
The SKV 40 can be used in suction operation as well as in pressure operation with up to 140m³/h. The device has a separate motor cooling and is compact and easy to handle. The two display elements (pressure and current consumption) provide information about the operating status at any time and allow the renovator to determine the design of the necessary drying capacity. The carrying handle as well as the raised side panels protect the switching gate and allow easy transport of the unit.
649,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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