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Luftentfeuchter für Keller von Comedes

Air humidity in the cellar has various causes. Especially in the basement, moisture problems often arise due to different wall temperatures: namely between the wall that is below ground level, which is usually very cool, and the wall that protrudes from the ground.

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Which dehumidifier for cellars?

A dehumidifier provides an artificial air circulation in the respective room, whereby the room air flowing through the unit is dehumidified. The purchase of such a room dehumidifier for the cellar as a preventive measure is recommended above all if proper ventilation of the rooms cannot be guaranteed and no modern ventilation system is installed. It is important that the dehumidifier for the cellar works well even at cooler temperatures. Therefore, a temperature-controlled automatic defrosting system is particularly important. Furthermore, the evaporator temperature of the dehumidifier in the cellar should be between 0 and 5 °C.

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