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The humidity in the living room or cellar is too high? Have you recently had water damage? Do you want to effectively prevent mould growth? The right dehumidifier specifically ensures a healthy room climate in which you feel comfortable.

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When is a dehumidifier useful?

Dehumidifiers are suitable for drying buildings after water damage: whether through burst pipes, flooding or water ingress through the roof. If there is a threat of mould infestation in living rooms or in the cellar, you can effectively counteract this with a dehumidification unit. The units also provide a remedy for problems with condensation moisture.

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In summer

During the hot months, warm and humid air in the house and especially in the cellar meets a cooler environment. This results in a very high relative humidity in the rooms, which often leads to condensation on the walls or furniture: a good breeding ground for mould growth.

In winter

Modern houses with strong insulation tend to form condensation in living spaces, especially if the ventilation concept is not sufficiently dimensioned and the air exchange rate is too low. This can be efficiently combated with a dehumidifier.

The optimal humidity

Optimum humidity is present when you feel the air is comfortable and at the same time no mould can develop. This depends strongly on the room temperature. The cooler the room, the higher is the ideal humidity. At 5 - 15° C it is around 55 - 65%. In warm rooms with more than 25° C about 40 - 45 % is sufficient. For a normal room temperature of about 20°C, a humidity of 40 - 55% is perfect.

Which dehumidifier do I need?

If you want to buy a dehumidifier , it is important to determine the nature of the problem: Depending on the cause of humidity, different devices may be considered. Are you struggling with water damage such as a burst pipe, water ingress through the roof, flooding or rising damp in the basement due to lack of waterproofing? Or is it a matter of fogged windows or mould infestation? You can find an overview of our equipment and application scenarios here:

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