Air Purifier Lavaero 280
The Lavaero 280 air purifier from Comedes is suitable for the most diverse tasks in the field of room air cleaning.
A total of 5 filter elements ensure comprehensive cleaning of the air flowing through the unit. The room air filtration is rounded off by an ionizer and UV light.
This results in a 7-stage cleaning process:
  1. Washable prefilter (coarse)
  2. Prefilter (Fine)
  3. hepa element
  4. activated charcoal filter
  5. Photocatalytic filter
  6. ultraviolet light
  7. ionizer
In addition, the air purifier is equipped with a particle sensor and a PM 2.5 display.
129,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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