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Here you will find powerful and high-quality air purifiers and air washers for a room size between 0 and 50m², which are especially intended for use in living rooms and offices. Here you can effortlessly free the air of fine dust, cigarette smoke, mould spores and other unwanted particles and thus ensure a pleasant and healthy climate.

Air Purifier Lavaero 280
The Lavaero 280 air purifier from Comedes is suitable for the most diverse tasks in the field of room air cleaning.
A total of 5 filter elements ensure comprehensive cleaning of the air flowing through the unit. The room air filtration is rounded off by an ionizer and UV light.
This results in a 7-stage cleaning process:
  1. Washable prefilter (coarse)
  2. Prefilter (Fine)
  3. hepa element
  4. activated charcoal filter
  5. Photocatalytic filter
  6. ultraviolet light
  7. ionizer
In addition, the air purifier is equipped with a particle sensor and a PM 2.5 display.
129,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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